Town Of Colesville

Accessory Storage Building Law

Amusements 1-1988

Appearance Ticket Local Law

Assessors, Retention of Elected

Best Value Law

Bingo Ordinance

Building and Fire Protection Code

Defense of Town Officers Local Law

Dog Control Local Law

Dog License Fees Local Law

Dumping Ordinance

Environmental Quality Review, Local Law Rescinding

Fire Training Tower Local Law

Flood Damage Prevention Local Law

Fly Ash Local Law

Games of Chance Local Law

Go-Kart Ordinance

Junk Yard Ordinance

Land Use Local Law

Land Use Local Law Schedule of Regulations

Land Subdivision Regulations ( Amending )

Land Use Commercial (C) District (Circle Drive, Station Lane)

Land Subdivision Regulations

Limited Agricultural Use in an Industial District

Mobile Home Parks and Trailer Campgrounds

Multiple Dwelling MD District

Multiple dwelling district (CHIP)

Natural Gas Vehicle Permit

Noise Control

Notice of Adoption of Ordinances Local Law

Notice of Dangerous Conditions Local Law

NYS Freedom Information Law

NYS Open Meetings Law

Partial Exemption from Taxation by the Town to Persons 65 Years of Age or Older"

Peddling Ordinance

Peddling Ordinance Rescinded

Planning Board Rules Local Law

Property Maintenance

Rules for Building in the Town of Colesville

Sign Regulations

Solar Energy Zoning Ordinance

Tax Exemption Local Law

Tax Exemption Renewal Local Law

Telecommunications Towers, Antennae and Related Facilities Local Law

Town Attorney Local Law

Traffic Local Law

Unsafe Buildings Local Law

Veterans Exemption Local Law

Waste Stabilization Ponds Local Law

Wind Energy Local Law