Town Of Colesville
 Local Services 

Local Services

Bert Adams Disposal
Main Street
Chenango Bridge, NY 13745
Phone: 607-648-4863 or 1-866-386-7783
D. Jenks and Son Refuse Service
Jenks Road
Port Crane, NY 13833
Phone: 607-648-8223
New York State Electric and Gas

Customer Service: 1-800-572-1111

Electric Interruption Emergency: 1-800-572-1131

Narural Gas Odor Emergency: 1-800-572-1121

TDS Telecom
130 Main Street
Windsor, NY 13865
Phone: 607-655-2666
Adams Cable Service
19 N. Main Street
Carbondale, PA 18407
Phone: 1-888-222-0077
Joe's Disposal
Phone: 570-879-2984
(limited locations)
Frontier Communication Service
Phone: 800-921-8101

Services for the Sanitaria Springs and Port Crane areas.



What are the alternatives for handling my recyclables?

All locations of Broome County have access to contracting with a private hauler for garbage and recycling collection.  If a hauler is picking up your trash they are required to pick up your recycling and properly handle it.  The fee you pay for garbage service already includes the hauler handling your recycling.

For residents who choose to handle their own trash disposal by taking it to the Broome County Landfill there is a recycling drop-off located at the entrance.  There is no fee charged for recycling.

Individuals who choose to haul their trash to the landfill may generate a greater quantity of recyclables than garbage.  If this is true of your situation the following tips may help:

     Thoroughly rinse recyclables prior to storage to ensure cleanliness.

     Crush containers such as milk cartons to maximize space.

     Flatten any boxes and neatly stack papers together.

Please note:  Burning trash and/or recyclables is prohibited by law and can cause serious health and environmental hazards.


What private haulers service the area?

The following is a list of haulers that service the Colesville area.  Please contact the individual hauler for more information.

     Bert Adams Disposal                           648-4863

     Jenks and Son Refuse Service              648-8223

     Joe's Disposal (limited locations)          570-879-2984

How can I get a recycling bin?
To receive a new recycling bin contact your private hauler.  If you use the Broome County Landfill facility you can pick up a recycling bin at the scale house.  There is no cost for a recycling bin.